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I have always dreamed of owning my own business, working with my hands, creating what made my heart sing . Fifteen years ago that dream began to take shape. My business grew slowly at first and I have dabbled in many different art forms (which I still do from time to time :). Six years ago I decided to concentrate on my love of Punch Needle Embroidery. I did loads of research, purchased the tools & supplies, that I knew I would enjoy using, and taught myself everything I could (and felt I needed to know) about this wonderful needle art. In 2011, I began offering my original Punch Needle Embroidery designs and things just took off from there!! Over the years my business has grown tremendously. I now travel throughout New England teaching classes & giving workshops. I also hold small classes here, in our Vermont home in Autumn & Early Winter. Outside, the wind howls, crisp leaves fly past the windows & snow swirls about... inside, a cozy fire burns and a homemade meal is prepared..we settle ourselves with our hoop & needles and enjoy a day of learning, goode conversation, friends and food. Each day I give thanks for this wonderful life I live. ~ doreen

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Monday, February 29, 2016

~On Being Creative and... my first attempt at making a Punch Needle Video Tutorial~

Goode Monday Morning To You.  The sun is shining and the Spring birds are singing, here in Vermont, on this final day of February during the winter that never was.  I was wandering through my rock garden yesterday and I have daffodils coming up!!!  That is truly a first for February in Vermont!!

I came across a quote this morning by Richard G. Scott that literally gave me a burst of creative energy as it's just so very TRUE... :)

I feel as tho I have been a bit slow to get back into my creative work routine after the wedding but this morning I woke feeling full of energy and then I popped into Facebook and found this quote which gave me another wonderful burst.  Today I feel like I am on fire!

I've much to do today beginning with printing, packing and shipping.  After lunch I shall settle myself in my favorite chair, by the fire while listening to the rain fall, with my hoop and needle. 

Now..before I go I wanted to tell you that one evening, last week, while punching I decided to film a short video. Just a bit of informal punching for you to view.  It is full of bloopers..including me itching my nose and wearing my ratty comfy clothes AND you really can not see me punching all that it's good to laugh at one's self now and again I have decided to share it. :)

Click on Tom Turkey to view the video. 

Click on the graceful Turkey to view video


Wishing you joy ~ Doreen

Thursday, February 25, 2016

~Welcome To Our Little Brown House~

  Good day to you and welcome to my new blog dedicated to the art of punch needle embroidery and all that entails.  Here I will share with you my tips, tricks, designs and, in the coming months, an online class and tutorial :).  I hope you like my new space, it's still in the beginning stages at this point, but I will be adding lots of new goode things in the days and weeks to come.

Be sure to to check out the "Pages" bar at the top of the page.  Here you will find links to the Information & Tutorial pages.

Until next time,  wishing you joy.  Doreen♥

~Punch Needle Embroidery~

~Punch Needle Embroidery~
** The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle. *Embroidered work or ornamentation. Elaboration or embellishment, as in telling a story

~In My Hoop~

~In My Hoop~
#2 In The Autumn On Acorn Farm Series

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~
~A HUGE thank you to everyone who has signed up!!! Membership is now open!!! click on the photo below for details.

I am so very pleased to announce.....

I am so very pleased to announce.....
My Punch Needle Embroidery designs are now available as Rug Hooking/Rug Punching Patterns. Available exclusively through Spruce Ridge Studios