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I have always dreamed of owning my own business, working with my hands, creating what made my heart sing . Fifteen years ago that dream began to take shape. My business grew slowly at first and I have dabbled in many different art forms (which I still do from time to time :). Six years ago I decided to concentrate on my love of Punch Needle Embroidery. I did loads of research, purchased the tools & supplies, that I knew I would enjoy using, and taught myself everything I could (and felt I needed to know) about this wonderful needle art. In 2011, I began offering my original Punch Needle Embroidery designs and things just took off from there!! Over the years my business has grown tremendously. I now travel throughout New England teaching classes & giving workshops. I also hold small classes here, in our Vermont home in Autumn & Early Winter. Outside, the wind howls, crisp leaves fly past the windows & snow swirls about... inside, a cozy fire burns and a homemade meal is prepared..we settle ourselves with our hoop & needles and enjoy a day of learning, goode conversation, friends and food. Each day I give thanks for this wonderful life I live. ~ doreen

~Welcome. Do help yourself to a cup of tea and visit A while.~

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Walker Homestead, Old Sturbridge Village and New Patterns.

Goode Tuesday Morning To You.  A cozy fire, a chilly rain falling, hot cocoa in my mug and a snug and warm house.  It's good to be home. That being said.....I could have stayed in Massachusetts several more days and been quite happy about it.   Oh what a LOVELY trip we had.  The Walker Homestead show was amazing and will definitely be added to my yearly schedule.  Wonderful host (love Kris and Paul)...excellent (and oh so friendly) vendors and the opportunity to meet customers and facebook friends in person...amazing.  I also made many new friends, customers and soon to be workshop folks.  It was GREAT.  Here are a few pictures our my booth. :)
~Finished Offerings~

~Goode Supplies For Needlework~

~Patterns, Floss & Kits~

Along with the show, Steph (my wonderful sister-in-law, friend and trip companion) 

Enjoyed yummy Autumn meals at The Oxtail Tavern (3 days in a row)..when we find a place we like, when we are traveling for work, we go there for dinner each night.  For us, it makes for a more homey and relaxing trip. AND...the icing on the cake....Sunday we spent the day at Old Sturbridge Village...this is my 2nd time visiting and it was just as wonderful this time.  I could truly LIVE there.  It was Apple Harvest Days..what a perfect time to visit.  Tho I do desire to return in December when they celebrate Christmas by Candlelight♥♥.
ME..carding woolllll!!!

The homes, the animals...the cooking....THE HISTORY..oh my was just so wonderful.  I did not take many pictures...the day was just so beautifully cool and everything so wonderful I forgot all about my camera.  They were making molasses from cider!!!  Did you know you could do that?? I for one, did not but I will be trying it to be sure!!!!  Stephanie and I also learned, the art, of hand dipping candles..we each got to bring our own, hand dipped pair, home as well...LOVE!!  I am ordering the supplies today to make my own!!!

Now that I am back home my  head is swimming with new ideas and designs..and the desire to bake and cook!!!!

First thing first.......


The pattern for Autumn On Acorn Farm is now available (on my website and in my Etsy Shop)..this design is going to be a series :).

Patterns and shop orders to fill and send off through the post....

.I've kits, hoops, needles and weavers cloth to list as well as a couple finished pieces remaining from the show.

ALSO..I MUST get my workshop projects finished and the dates listed on my website.  :).

Wishing you a lovely day, doreen

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Goode  Morning To You.  Though, it is a rainy and cool Sunday here in Vermont, in my head it is snowing.  Gloriously fat, white flakes float past the window as a thick blanket of white wraps itself around us.  Cocoa simmers on the wood stove as smoke billows from our chimney.   It's A Wonderful Life is playing and I am sitting in my cozy chair by the fire and creating Christmas designs. :) Doesn't that sounds heavenly!  It won't be long and this will actually be happening but for now, I set the atmosphere for Winter creating with a cup of real cocoa by my side, cozy bayberry candles burning,  and watching It's A Wonderful Life while I am punching.  Right now I am working on meeting a deadline.  I am a bit behind (as usual) due to busily working on preparations for my upcoming show at Walker Homestead but this will soon be finished and on it's way (via email) to Deb for the Holiday edition of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine. :)  I am using a combination of Valdani Pearl Cotton and Moire' Wool Threads :) I AM LOVING IT.

:~)  It's exciting to be working on a bit of Christmas.  I have a new Father Christmas design just waiting to come to life :)  I think I will bring him with me, to the Show, to work on during down time :)

IN OTHER NEWS... ...Autumn On Acorn Farm is finished!!! My hope is to finish preparing the pattern so that I may offer them along with the finished piece at Walker Homestead!!!

Wishing you a joy filled and relaxing Sunday :) Until next time....Doreen

Monday, September 12, 2016

~AUTUMN On Acorn Farm~

 Twas 5:15 a.m and I,  bundled in my wool sweater and winter slippers, hands wrapped snugly around a steaming cup of coffee, stood on our front porch listening to the hoot, hoot, hoot of an owl and thoroughly enjoying the nippy 42* air.  Autumn has returned and it is heavenly.  

After a busy morning of tidying the house, printing weekend orders, answering emails and a lovely hot shower, I now find myself sipping hot cocoa, laced with cinnamon and vanilla, preparing to settle myself down for a lovely day of finishing up the many designs I have, in various hoops, scattered about the house.  The date for the Walker Homestead Show is quickly approaching and I am feeling quite good about how things are going.  I had thought however, that I would have Autumn On Acorn Farm finished at this point but ..these things happen.  Especially when you change your colors and backgrounds as many times as I have. 

 I really loved the Gentle Arts Barn Grey but I still felt it was a bit too dark (at least for my taste).  Thankfully I had this lovely Valdani Dove Tail grey arrive in my floss order and it's perfect!!  I am still going to add in a few GA Barn Grey storm clouds around the border tho :).  By the adorable is Ms. Winifred Trumble above???  She's so darn cute I could hug her (you know how I feel about turkeys!!!)  

And here is a close up of Ms. Oaklee ♥♥.

I'm off now as my hoop and needle are telling me I'm running late. Wishing you a lovely day.  Doreen

ps...SO excited for a cozy dinner of Macaroni & cheese with smoked ham and popovers tonight!!  Dear crisp Autumn weather ~ please stay!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2016


OH MY WORD..enough already with this heat and humidity!!!  Today is one of those days where finding the goode is NOT easy!!  Oh, if I gave it some thought of course I could but it's not right there takes effort because this nasty humidity which, by the way, is the same as the temperature blocking my view!!!

I am longing for a nip in the air..someone please..if you have it, send it this way!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

~Goode Turkeys In Wool Threads~

"Autumn mornings:  Sunshine and crisp air, birds and calmness, year's end and day's beginnings". ~ Terri Guillemets

Goode Wednesday morning to you.  Summer's heat & humidity has moved back in for a short visit.  Thankfully, the Autumn winds are blowing keeping the heat at bay.

IN THE STUDIO....I've begun working on "smalls" for The Walker Homestead Show.  This one, shown in the photo above, will be  a "goode turkey scissor pouch" :) I am making several of them, in different designs.  :) They will be worn around your neck like a necklace.  I don't know about you but I am always losing my scissors!!!  Steph (my lovely sister-in-law and helper) and myself will both be wearing one at the show and I will have several for sale :).  This particular turkey fello is made using the Moire Wool Theads!!! LOVE Them.  

IN THE KITCHEN.....Tossed Salad with garden vegetables and sliced, grilled chicken leftover from last night's lovely dinner :).

Until next time ~ Wishing YOU a lovely day, doreen 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

~Labor Day & A Goode Week Ahead~

"Come little leaves said the wind one day, Come over the meadows with me and play; Put on your dresses of red and gold; Summer is gone and the days grow cold" ~ George Cooper

Good Tuesday morning to you.  Tis damp and cool here in Vermont this morning with Squirrels scurrying about gathering their winters' food.  I wanted to wish you all a happy, belated, Labor Day.  I hope it was a wonderful one.  Ours was lovely.  A concert, Kayaking, a bit of shopping and antiquing and bbq's.  A lovely end to a lovely Summer.  Now..I am SO ready for crisp Autumn days and the anticipation of those first flakes.

IN THE STUDIO....Another busy week is ahead;  Beeswax orders out the door, patterns to print, pack and ship, shop orders to ship and then a lovely afternoon with my hoop and needle working on finished pieces for The Walker Homestead show.  Today I am working on smalls....a few pumpkin trinkets & floss keeps and then back to work on Autumn On Acorn Farm.

DINNER THIS EVENING.....Grilled Chicken, Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Zucchini, Carrots and Onions and Popovers. :)

Until next time ~ Doreen

Saturday, September 3, 2016


A new look for Autumn On Acorn Farm
Glad Tidings and happy Saturday to you. Twas a mere 42 degrees, here in Vermont, this morning just before sunrise.  I wrapped myself in my wool slippers and favorite sweater and took myself to the front porch to enjoy the refreshingly chilly air as the steam rolled from my coffee cup and the faint clucking of turkeys rose from our woods (goodness how I love that).  Back inside, I settled myself down with another cup of coffee, my hoop and needle and the early morning news.  

As you may have noticed....Autumn on Acorn farm has changed a bit!!!  Actually, it has changed quite a bit .......I took the old one out and started over completely.  I just was not happy with the way the background was blending with the vines and leaves. 

Old Look..with dark brown background...just not working..
 Often a design can look great on the back but when you flip it over it just doesn't work and that is exactly what was happening here!  My vines and leaves were getting lost in the dark background.  I was trying to force it to work with the Valdani Colors I had on  hand and ...I should know by now..that doesn't work for me.  My punch needle pieces "speak" to me much the way my bears and sculpted dolls always did.  They tell me when it's right and this one was certainly not doing that!!!  Yesterday morning I finally decided to sit this one down and walk away for a bit..coming close to saying forget it and moving on.  However after a few hours of working on other projects I suddenly remember that I have tons of Gentle Arts threads in wonderful Autumn colors!!!  I went into my studio and there, hanging on little wooden spindles was the perfect Barn Grey!!!!!!!!!   

 OH, I was soooo happy!!!   SO..back to the drawing board I went..I took out a few vines and leaves, inside the urn, to help ensure cleaner lines, transferred the new design to a fresh piece of weavers cloth, changed up the colors a wee bit and started punching.  I believe it's going to work!!!!  The little dots you see all over the vines will be tiny little french knot "acorn buds" :)♥♥.  What do you think?

Sometimes I do not like to post what I am working on, early on in the design, as I feel like I then need to keep the design the way I originally shared it.  However, this time I am GLAD I did because I think if I had not, it would of ended up being one of those designs I simply took out of my hoop and set aside, possibly never getting back to!!

Must run now...much to do this morning before the mail man arrives!  Wishing you a lovely day!  Until next time ~ doreen

Thursday, September 1, 2016

~Welcome September~

"By all these lovely tokens

September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer."
-   Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

Ahhhhh...September.  Welcome my lovely friend.  Our first September day begins with Pumpkin Spice coffee on the front porch, heavy fog, cool air and a symphony of cawing crows and crickets.  School officially begins today and I've just seen the first school bus pass by on the road below.  A hint of color is beginning to appear here and there as our Maple trees prepare to don their stunning Autumn attire.

IN THE STUDIO....a busy day is ahead...Beeswax to pour, pattern orders to print, pack and ship, paperwork and a new design for PNPS Magazine to sketch and ready for submission.   My Autumn On Acorn Farm will have to wait patiently for this evening before I can pick it up again.

DINNER THIS EVENING....Baked Potatoes, Grilled Pork and Saute Zucchini and Onions.

I'm off now to put a gingerbread bundt cake in the oven :)

Until Next Time ~ Find the joy, Doreen

~Punch Needle Embroidery~

~Punch Needle Embroidery~
** The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle. *Embroidered work or ornamentation. Elaboration or embellishment, as in telling a story

~In My Hoop~

~In My Hoop~
#2 In The Autumn On Acorn Farm Series

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~
~A HUGE thank you to everyone who has signed up!!! Membership is now open!!! click on the photo below for details.

I am so very pleased to announce.....

I am so very pleased to announce.....
My Punch Needle Embroidery designs are now available as Rug Hooking/Rug Punching Patterns. Available exclusively through Spruce Ridge Studios