Doreen Frost ~ Designer, Teacher & Merry Maker of Original Needle~Work Creations, Folky Fraktur Woole~Worked Animals & Needle Work Patterns.

I have always dreamed of owning my own business, working with my hands, creating what made my heart sing . Fifteen years ago that dream began to take shape. My business grew slowly at first and I have dabbled in many different art forms (which I still do from time to time :). Six years ago I decided to concentrate on my love of Punch Needle Embroidery. I did loads of research, purchased the tools & supplies, that I knew I would enjoy using, and taught myself everything I could (and felt I needed to know) about this wonderful needle art. In 2011, I began offering my original Punch Needle Embroidery designs and things just took off from there!! Over the years my business has grown tremendously. I now travel throughout New England teaching classes & giving workshops. I also hold small classes here, in our Vermont home in Autumn & Early Winter. Outside, the wind howls, crisp leaves fly past the windows & snow swirls about... inside, a cozy fire burns and a homemade meal is prepared..we settle ourselves with our hoop & needles and enjoy a day of learning, goode conversation, friends and food. Each day I give thanks for this wonderful life I live. ~ doreen

~Welcome. Do help yourself to a cup of tea and visit A while.~

Thursday, October 27, 2016

~It's Time To Put My Shopkeeper Hat On~ :~)

Smoke billows from the chimney and floats gently to the frosty ground, thick gray clouds fill the sky and the leaves crack and snap underneath our feet as Oliver & I wander through the cold bare woods.  Off in the distance a flock of turkeys chatter and a lone owl hoots.  Tis a mere 29* and my fingers and nose are chilled as we make our way back to the comfort of home and a creamy mug of cinnamon hot cocoa.  We've  snow expected here in Vermont this morning for a brief time and then rain is expected to take over and dominate the day.  Perfect for a cozy meal, a bit of baking and time with my hoop & needle.  First things first however..I've a bit of an announcement to make...One that is very exciting for me and hopefully for many of you!!

As many of you humble little studio currently resides in a small bedroom in our home. It's lovely for me as a studio/office but when customers come to visit or take workshops, it isn't exactly conducive to  shopping or seeing my work in's just too small.  A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely couple from Wales, England stop by to meet me!!!    They were coming to Vermont, on "holiday" and before they left Wales, Cynthia contacted me to ask if they might stop by, meet me and purchase a few things. Oh my goodness..I was so  honored!!  She ordered her items ahead of time and I had them ready for their arrival.  Such a sweet couple and I thoroughly enjoyed their visit..however, after they left I thought to myself ..that would have been so much nicer had I had an actual shop area set up.....with all my supplies (Moire' Valdani & Gentle Arts Threads...hoops, needles, floss keeps, gorgeous Merry  Hooker Woolens, Weavers cloth,...etc) not to mention my own designs in finished and pattern form, KITS and my beeswax offerings!!!!  Over the years I have had countless folks contact me asking to visit my "shop" and, of course, I say you are welcome to visit my studio but I do not have a shop.. :(. humble little studio is moving and growing :).  We have two lovely rooms, just off of our is long and narrow, we currently call it the "back room"...I know...cleaver, and just off that room is another small room where Mark currently has his den/office.  After the holidays..the transformation will begin....Mark will move his office/den into my "studio" AND..the larger "back room" will become  my Open Studio/SHOPPE and the smaller room will be my office!!!!  Oh my goodness..I am so excited about this!!!   It won't be a retail shop with daily, open to the public, hours but it will be a cozy open studio/shop where folks can call ahead and stop by to visit, shop and have a yummy homemade treat.  I also plan on holding a HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE next year!!!! I will keep it stocked with supplies and finished offerings and I am hoping there will be room enough for a sewing group as well!!!

I'm off now as I have much to do on this chilly New England day.  An apple tart to put in the oven and then off to "work" I go :)

Until next time, wishing you a joy filled day, doreen

ps...I also have a good supply of ..well, supplies :). that I will be listing, on my website and in my etsy shop in the next week or so :)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

~Winter Wonder Class Is Now Full~

 We wake, on this Autumn morning in New England, to thick clouds and blustery temperatures.  While standing on the front porch this morning, sipping coffee bundled in my heaviest sweater and wool slippers,  I was greeted by the howl of a very close coyote!!!    Such an ominous sounds in the wee hours of the morning.  Needless to say, I hurried back inside to the comfort of a crackling fire and the morning news!!  I am feeling better today, thank goodness.  It's so frustrating when an illness dictates your days!!  Hopefully I can stay awake throughout the entire day today AND not find it necessary to be in bed at 7pm!!!  

At any rate....I am starting the morning with some energy to which I am going to take advantage of.  First things first, I am going to make an apple crisp with our freshly picked apples, then I shall catch up on orders and finally settle myself in to a day of working on Winter Blessings (workshop project #2).  I am needle felting the little snow folk head right now....SO sweet!

Speaking of workshops....My first workshop, Winter Wonders is now full and just a few spots remain for Winter Blessings & Merry Olde St. Nick.  I am looking so forward to the workshops this year..the nervousness,of the first couple of years (making sure all bases were covered), has parted and, for me, they now kick off the Holiday Season with Merriment and Friendship.  If you are hoping to join us this year do be sure and contact me, to reserve your spot, as soon as possible.  IT'S A MERRY TIME :)

Well, the sky is beginning to lighten and day break is upon us.  I must gather myself, tend the fire, give Oliver James his morning treat and tidy the house.  I think I will make a Shepard's Pie for dinner this evening.  Tis expected to be cold with heavy rain (finally)  so that will be perfect.  Speaking of perfect....we've a blustery and cold weekend ahead with the possibility of a snowy flurry or two :~)!!!!!

Until next time ~ wishing you the loveliest of days...Doreen

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

~Snails Pace~

Goode morning.  Please excuse my absence these last couple of days...I woke up Monday quite under the weather.  The flu perhaps?  I'm not sure but at any rate, I am beginning to emerge from the fog but I am still moving at a snails pace. Perhaps it's illness from our odd weather as of late.  Yesterday it was in the 80's here in Vermont!!!  It was lovely but odd for October 19th!!!  Thankfully, it was short lived and we are cooler today with a lovely forecast of heavy rain headed our way and perhaps even a few snowflakes, in parts of Vermont, over the weekend with temperatures not reaching out of the 40's.  PERFECT soup weather...  I am making a batch of potato, ham and leek today. :~)

Wishing you a lovely day, doreen

Sunday, October 16, 2016

~ A Winters' Night In Vermont~

"Dusk fell as snow lay thickly on the ground. A biting wind howled and hammered about, knocking on the old windows in the manner of a frozen weary traveler seeking shelter from the storm. Outside, muffled by the blanket of snow, a faint scraping sound could be heard as Robert did his best to keep a path open to the big red barn & woodshed- not an easy task in the fast-falling snow. Inside, all was cozy. The tree stood proudly in the corner, adorned simply with beeswax candles, dapper gingerbread men and strings of popcorn & cranberry. Candles flickered in the windows and a fire burned low in the fireplace. The old wood cook stove in the kitchen glowed warmly as the rich scents of simmering soup, baking bread and Christmas spices rose from within." ~ Doreen Frost

We wake, on this October morning, to chilly temperatures, a light frost and the promise of much needed rain on it's way.  Certainly not the snowy tale I've told above, which by the way is one of my short stories from my 2nd book, From A Little Brown House, but it is what comes to mind while I am working away on Merry Olde St. Nicolas.  

December 2016 Winter Workshop Project
Speaking of stories......  I recently took a framed photo of Olde Sturbridge ~ Salem Tavern Keeper, with me to the Walker Homestead Show last month, and had it on the table where folks checked out.   I included his story with the photo (you can read it in the column to your right if you would like).  Everyone who read it, asked who wrote it & complimented me on it.  One sweet lady in particular took me aside, introduced herself and told me I had writing talent and I needed to write a book.  She said, when reading the story, she felt as if she was actually in that Salem Tavern and could truly feel the fire.  She made my day!!!  I told her I would LOVE to be able to write a book but all I seem to have in me and am able to write are short little blurbs such as Olde Sturbridges' story.  She gave me some advice on how to proceed and went on her way.  A short time later she came back, took my hands, wished me luck and gave me a small token.  It meant so much to me.  I think of that story every single day!!! 

I truly hope to do more with this writing of mine....maybe one day my blurbs will group themselves together and become a story!


I'm off now to tend the fire, tidy the house and put a pot of spaghetti and meatballs on to simmer.  Mark, our nephew Adam (and Oliver of course) are putting the rest of this years winter wood into the basement and I must make sure they've a  cozy meal when they are done :)..tis chilly out there.

Wishing you a relaxing & joy filled Sunday.  Doreen

Friday, October 14, 2016

~Inspiration Abounds~

I did MUCH Christmas shopping!!!

Goode day to you.  I warn you..this post is going to be bouncy.  I feel like I have a hundred things to say and no mind to put it together properly.  ....That is how Colonial Williamsburg will make you feel!  

Oh my goodness, it was heavenly!!!  Walking through a home where George Washington slept, ate and planned strategies for our truly gave me chills.  Viewing the trades and ways of life, eating the foods, drinking in the tavern, hearing tales, songs and ghost stories of the time...staying in one of the colonial houses.....Walking into a period bakery to the smell of wood smoke and ginger as they are pulling huge trays of hearth baked gingerbread cookies out of oven.....OH MY WORD....truly an amazing experience.

Jenna (my lovely daughter) and I had the most amazing time and we definitely plan on going back just as soon as we can!!!  

Here are just a few of the photo's we took!

George Wythe House..where GEORGE WASHINGTON STAYED!!
Baking Gingerbread Cookies!!!!
Basket making..another new thing I MUST learn!
Spinning wool...can this be any more heavenly!!!

NOW..I am back home and FULL of inspiration..for my work, life...CHRISTMAS..everything. :).   Speaking of home...Tis COLD in Vermont!!!  A blustery wind is blowing a thousand leaves from their branches and we now have a beautiful orange and yellow lawn.  It looks and smells amazing.  Today, for the first time, I have kept a small fire going.  I am melting wax for pouring molds and am getting ready to have a bit of freshly baked apple tart and a cup of coffee before settling myself into a bit of punching:).  It's lovely to go away (especially to such a wonderful place as Colonial Williamsburg) but it's oh so heavenly to come home.

Until next time ~ ♥doreen

Saturday, October 8, 2016

~Colonial Williamsburg..HERE WE COME~

Goode BEAUTIFUL October evening to you.  What a glorious Autumn eve we are having..the air is crisp, the leaves are stunning and the sky is literally dotted with geese.

I am popping in this evening to let know Jenna and I are headed off to Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.  :~) OH MY WORD...I am beyond excited to visit this amazing place!!!

PLEASE NOTE.....Vermont Harvest Folk Art will be away from "The Office" from Saturday, October 8th thru Thursday, October 13th,  Any orders, messages, emails, calls, ect. will be filled/answered upon my return.  Thank you all so very much. :) See you soon.  Doreen

Thursday, October 6, 2016

~Winter Wonder ~ November 5th, 2016 Workshop ~

Goode Thursday afternoon to you.  I actually had to think, for a moment, what day of the week it was.  This week has flown by in a blur of fluttering leaves, crisp mornings, unseasonably warm days...printing, packing, PRINTING, packing, errands and needle punching.  The punching has been my favorite part THO..the fact that I am now completely caught up with orders and paperwork makes me feel pretty happy so they are running a close second!!

:) Tis SUNNY and warm here in Vermont today with a crisp breeze and an ever present shower of leaves.  It's so lovely.  Speaking of lovely....I could not be HAPPIER with how Winter Wonder has come to life!! The expression on this little snow folkes face...I could cry it is so very sweet.  It is exactly the look I wanted... It was there when I sketched him ....but I truly did not think it would stay once I started working my needle and floss.

Keeping an expression, look or mood with punch needle can be challenging but oh so worth it when it happens!!!  :).

I played around with the colors for this little one and finally settled, of course, on my favorite winter color scheme ..ivory, deep green and brown.  It's hard to tell in these photos, for some reason, but the background is Lichen (a wonderful deep mossy green by Valdani)  The little snowfolke is made with Ivory Moire' wool threads (I am really getting use to using these threads and LOVE them) oh the texture they create!!!

As mentioned in the Winter Wonder Workshop'll have your choice of two snowflakes to attach your punched piece two.  Both snowflakes are shown in this post. :).  You will also have your choice of a red ribbon hanger or a Jute hanger. :)

Classes are almost full so if you are hoping to grab a spot for this years Winter Workshops, email me soon at  Also, if you've emailed me with a desire to take a class and haven't sent your deposit payment yet please do so quickly to hold your spot.  

**Complete details on this years workshop can be found on my website.  The link is in the bar above.

I will share the other two workshop, finished photo's, soon :)

Wishing you a LOVELY day, doreen

Saturday, October 1, 2016

~It's That Time~ Punch Needle Workshop Dates~

Come share the joy of this holiday season by enjoying a cozy day creating a handmade keepsake, goode conversations and a lovely seasonal luncheon.

Goode  day to you.    As I stepped onto the front porch this morning the wind was gusting about, blowing the smoke billowing from our chimney, downward, encircling Oliver and I as we took in the morning sounds. My Dad always says that's a sign of snow in Winter.♥♥.  It put me in the perfect frame of mind for finally giving you the dates and projects for my 2016 Winter Workshops. 

FIRST THINGS FIRST.... I do apologize for not having fully finished projects to show you just yet.  I have been so busy with show preparations and filling orders that they just kept getting moved to the bottom of my to do list.  Infuriatingly...It never occurred to incorporate them into the show until many of the folks attending asked about signing up!!  Well, now that is on my "remember to do for next year" list.

At any rate...I have DATES, PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS and a few sketches and supplies photo's to share.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH, 2016 ~ 10:00 am to *5:00/6:00 pm ~ WINTER WONDER. A sweet and gentle needle punched snowfolk gazing in "wonder" at the beauty of snow (the snowfolk heads are in the picture above).  We will needle punch a small 3" circle,  of the face and background, and then attach the punched piece, to a gorgeous wooden snowflake.  I will paint (white) and age the snowflakes prior to class.  We will be using a mixture of Valdani Floss & gorgeous Moire' Wool threads for this project.  

You will have the choice of two snowflake designs/sizes.  

Snowflake Choice #1  is 6" in diameter and absolutely gorgeous.  This would make a lovely tree ornament or large package tag.

Snowflake Choice #2 is 10" in diameter and just beautiful.  This would make a lovely centerpiece, tree topper or festive door or wall hanging..

 I am quite excited about this project because you should be able to finish it during class!!!
**  Finished project photo's coming in a few days (fingers crossed for Monday)...


10:00 am ..Morning Fare ~ (come in, make yourself comfortable and sit by the fire) ~ Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Bread, Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Mulled Cider

2:00 pm..Hearty Seasonal Luncheon ~ Leek & Bacon Quiche, Harvest Salad & Crusty Bread.

4:30/5:00pm,....Afternoon Fare (before you head out into the cold) ~ Hot Apple Crisp with Maple Whipped Cream & Coffee


(should you need may purchase the following separately;  14" Morgan Hoop ~ $20 & Cameo Three Needle Set ~ $22.00) 

**If bringing your own Cameo Needle, you will need both your small and medium needle tips. :)



SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH, 2016 ~ 10:00 am to *5:00/6:00 pm. ~ Winter Blessings.   Oh how I wish I had more than just a bit of wool to show you for this workshop!  Hopefully I can be descriptive enough for you.  

WINTER BLESSINGS ~  A sweet and gentle, needle felted snowfolk tree ornament with needle punched wings. Our Winter Blessings Angel will have a head and shoulders made of muslin that I will have ready for you at the start of class. The needle punched wings will be made with lovely Pearl Cotton Valdani Floss. During class we will be needle felting the head & punching and attaching the wings.  Miss Winter, in the photo below is there to give you an idea of how your needle punched head will look.  Do not worry if you've never needle felted before, it's simple and FUN :)  **Please note, there are quite a few supplies & much more preparation involved, therefore the cost for this class is higher.  **Photo coming soon** 
Miss Winter♥♥♥

10:00 am ..Morning Fare ~ (come in, make yourself comfortable and sit by the fire) ~ Gingerbread Scones,  Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Mulled Cider

2:00 pm..Hearty Seasonal Luncheon ~  Italian Chicken Soup, Carrot & Cheese Crostini's and yeast rolls.

4:30/5:00pm,....Afternoon Fare (before you head out into the cold) ~ Hot Apple Crisp with Maple Whipped Cream & Coffee.


(should you need may purchase the following separately;  14" Morgan Hoop ~ $20 & Cameo Three Needle Set ~ $22.00) 

**If bringing your own Cameo Needle, you will need both your small and medium needle tips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Saturday, December 3rd2016 ~ 10:00 am to *5:00/6:00 pm. ~ Merry Olde St. Nick ~ OH I LOVE this guy!!!  A wonderful olde St.Nicholas walking gently through the winter woods, dressed in his traditional red coat and  hat & carrying his rich brown sack of toys and a wonderful deep green spruce.   We will be punching this design using Valdani Pearl Cotton and Moire' Wool Threads as well as using dimensional punching techniques.   The design measures, a long,  12" x 7" and will make a wonderful door pocket filled with Winter greens or perhaps framed.  **Finished Photo's coming soon**


10:00 am ..Morning Fare ~ (come in, make yourself comfortable and sit by the fire) ~ Gingerbread Muffins, Maple Walnut Scones, Coffee, Tea,  Hot Cocoa & Mulled Cider.

2:00 pm..Hearty Seasonal Luncheon ~ My special recipe Homemade Macaroni & Cheese with smoked Ham & Herb Popovers.

4:30/5:00pm,....Afternoon Fare (before you head out into the cold) ~ Warm Gingerbread with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream, Gingerbread Cookies, Coffee, Tea & Cocoa.


(should you need may purchase the following separately;  14" Morgan Hoop ~ $20 & Cameo Three Needle Set ~ $22.00) 

**If bringing your own Cameo Needle, you will need both your small and medium needle tips. 



  ~ FEE INCLUDES....All kit materials for the class, hearty, homemade seasonal luncheon, refreshments & beautiful thank you gift.~   **BRING your own locking lip hoop or hooking frame & Cameo needle OR you may purchase these from me. Please let me know, when signing up for your chosen workshop, if you would like to purchase these items from me.

Workshops run from 10:00 am to 5/6:00 pm.  If you are traveling and would like to head home at 5:00 you are welcome to do so..OR you may stay until 6:00. 

Email me at to register. I am keeping the class sizes to 4 to 6 people, so please register early.  You may also call the studio at 802-645-9543;  
*No refunds given 30 days prior to workshop date.  

There are many lovely places to stay nearby should you wish to make it a weekend getaway.

**Held in our Vermont Home ~ If you would like to check the distance, our address is; 131, VT Route 153, West Pawlet, VT 05775**  **All right's reserved**

*Feel free to email me should you have any questions and, of course, to sign up :).  I look forward to seeing and enjoying a cozy day with all of you. 

Until next time, Welcome October :) Doreen

~Punch Needle Embroidery~

~Punch Needle Embroidery~
** The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle. *Embroidered work or ornamentation. Elaboration or embellishment, as in telling a story

~In My Hoop~

~In My Hoop~
#2 In The Autumn On Acorn Farm Series

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~
~A HUGE thank you to everyone who has signed up!!! Membership is now open!!! click on the photo below for details.

I am so very pleased to announce.....

I am so very pleased to announce.....
My Punch Needle Embroidery designs are now available as Rug Hooking/Rug Punching Patterns. Available exclusively through Spruce Ridge Studios